Norden Farm today

Norden_farmSo, the first official Auralorama gig is today at Maidenhead's Norden Farm Centre for the Arts. Rehearsals and sound checks went well yesterday (with one minor slip up in set up – one of the effects units output level got knocked to zero and Mechkov and a couple of the theatre's techies spent half an hour going through everything else before the problem was located) and good words were uttered by all who heard the practice runs.

The gig proper is on today, so get on down. Tickets are a mere £8 and you will also get some top class performances form various Maidenehead troupes and groups – including the Maidenhead Players, for whom Mechkov has written one of the 'Angina Monologues' (to be performed by John Tompkins).


Mechkov auraloramas at Norden Farm

Norden_farm   The Norden Farm Centre for the Arts 10th anniversary Promenade Performances (phew!) will take place on September 26th, featuring a whole host of dramatic and musical 'micro' performances, including auraloramas from Mechkov.

The arts centre in Maidenhead was completed a whole ten years ago now, after years of planning from several local groups (particularly The Maidenhead Players), who managed to raise enough money to spark investment from Lottery funds.


Mechkov's first solo album now available

right-to-remain-120px  Mechkov's first solo album, Right to Remain Silent, is now available for download, here on the Mechkov website.

The album has been three years in the making, starting out life as an experiment in recording using just eight tracks, but slowly grew over the past two and a half years to become his first completely solo production.


First auralorama album now available

day-in-country-120px   Mechkov's first complete album of auraloramas (aural panoramas) is now available for download from the Mechkov website here.

The album, A Day in the Country, is, in fact, his second, themed collection of auraloramas, but the first, Trophonius, was recorded predominantly in mono and is pending a much awaited re-recording of the bulk of the material.


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