Mechkov in rehearsals with new band


Hendrix and Cream to form basis of combo’s set

No, this is not an April Fool’s Day hoax, it is the real thing.

Yes, Mechkov’s apparent inactivity over the past few months has been because of the gradual formation of a new band, Custard Cream, brought together to fulfil one of Mechkov’s long-held ambitions to have a group of guitarists (and a drummer, of course) that are centred around rock improvisations.


Yoga for Harmony bigs it up

Yoga4harmonyThe Yoga for Harmony website, the online resource for yoga classes and information, has put up a news story about when Julie Potter, one of the teachers at Yoga for Harmony, went through some of her routines, accompanied by none other than Mechkov and his araloramas.

Taking the story of the Norden Farm gig form her perspective, it is interesting to see how auraloramas have applications beyond the spontaneous music that they are.


New Blog: Mechkov's sigh of relief

odemwingieThere's nothing like a good, hard fought score draw to remind the over-excited that things can't always go the way you want them to.

As a terminal West Brom supporter, Mechkov knows this only too well, although some recent results have caused him some concern. Things just couldn't – and shouldn't – be this good... Could they? He asks these – and more questions in his latest footie blog.


New blog: Thanks for the music

mechkov webMechkov has published a new blog on his blogspot (and which can be found in the blog pages of this website) answering a couple of questions that no-one has asked him – namely, why are you doing all of this?

Why the website? Why the albums? Why the expense? Why, in short, so much effort to make himself one of many millions elbowing for an atom of space on the information superhighway?


Auraloramas move Norden Farm

Norden_farmThe first auralorama gig took place at Norden Farm last night (Sunday, September 26th) and received a pretty resounding thumbs up in terms of comments, compliments and a few albums sold.

The performance was part of the Norden Farm Centre for the Arts’ tenth anniversary celebrations and saw groups and troupes from all around the Maidenhead and Windsor area presenting micro-performances, which an audience of some 150, split into groups of 25, witnessed in various (sometimes unexpected) corners of the centre.


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