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Mechkov's new band gets underway

The Bite's first rehearsal took place at Powerhouse Studios on Monday, March 10th. Smash (drums), Mechkov (bass) and Jonny (guitar) played together for the first time and surprised even themselves at the progress they made.

A good hour and a half's worth of material was tucked away into the three-hour session and each of them was champing at the bit to get get together again... Soon.


The intention was always to have a power trio that made use of all three voices -and when this came together -which it did on several occasions - the results were (frankly) astonishing.

The combination of this with Jonny's orchestral guitar playing, Mechkov's melifluous bass and Smash's driving rhythms make this a band that will doubtlessly go far.

First gig is the next goal -but there are to be several rehearsals before then.

Until then, we shall just keep saying: "Watch this space". and by that, we mean the new The Bite Lemonrock page, which can be found here.

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