Mechkov and Custard Cream part ways


Tony McMillan's leaving sends band into freefall

Mechkov has, as of today, March 5th 2014, left Custard Cream. The band will continue with currect members NIgel Owst and Tony McMillan, who will, in turn, seek a singer and a bassist to replace Mechkov.


The trouble started on February 8th when Tony McMillan pulled out of a booked gig in High Wycombe because his name had been mentioned in a press release announcing the gig. The gig was cancelled and Mechkov and Owst began searching for a new drummer.

It was here that it bacame clear that all was not what it seemed. To begin with, Owst wouldn't let Mechkov put forward any drummers, saying he had found one. Then, that drummer turnmed out to be virtually incapable of playing drums, let alone riding the waves of improvisation that Owst and Mechkov routinely surfed at gigs.

Owst became, according to Mechkov, increasingly difficult – until Mechkov found Owst's adverts on a musiicans' website, looking for a new bassist and singewr.

"That was when I knew we had broken down irrevocably," explained Mechkov. "I called Nigel and askewd him about it and he said he 'would take it on the chin' in the hope that I would carry on playing with him, but it was clear to me that he wanted to stay with Tony McMillan and was simply using me until such time as he could find replacements for me."

mechkov is now in a search for a new guitarist, having teamed up with one of the drumming cabndidates for Custard Cream's vacancy. More news to follow.

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