Mechkov’s protest song bids for viral


Furze Platt Action Group number now up and running on Youtube

Mechkov’s work with the protest lobby, the Furze Platt Action Group, came to fruition today (Monday, 28th October) as the organisation uploaded the song’s video on to Youtube.


The song, which was written and produced by Mechkov with the instrumental help of the great saxophonist Peter Ripper, pokes an accusing, but accusatory finger at Tesco and the supermarket giant’s relentless pursuit of inappropriate locations for more and more of its unwanted stores – most notably, as far as the FPAG is concerned, the Golden Harp pub in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

Upon completion of the song, Mechkov handed the song over to his friend (and chairman of the FPAG), Mark Newcombe, to use as he saw fit for the benefit of the cause.

Mark utilised the skills of James Jones, another Furze Platt local and member of the FPAG, to create the video, using stills from the pub’s heyday under its last full-time landlord and stills of various FPAG protests, as well as quasi-animated representations of the lyrics.

The finished product is pleasing and extremely catchy.

“I’m really pleased with the song,” said Mechkov. “It’s got a great groove, and superb saxophone solo and a powerful purpose – what more could you want from a pop song?”

The savetheharp website can be found here and the video can be viewed and bought here. You can also (please) view the video on Youtube here.

Mechkov added: “If I could ask everyone to share the video on Facebook or Twitter, or wherever, and let’s see if we can get this to go viral and really give the FPAG the support it needs. Thanks.”

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