Mechkov in the States (almost)


University radio station features three-hour special on Mechkov’s music
Friday 11th October saw… or rather heard Mechkov’s music (from No Breaks to the present, songs and soundscapes alike) broadcast in the US on The College of New Jersey’s university radio station.

The reason behind this was a fortuitous one, indeed.
Tsvetelina Yordanova (pictured), a Bulgarian lecturer in Slavic languages at the college, stumbled across Mechkov’s Youtube channel (here) and very much liked what she heard.
“First, the design caught my eye – the profile shot in black and white looks very stylish,” she explained. “And then the name, AJ Mechkov, sounded Bulgarian, but I had never heard of a musician with that name before, so it definitely piqued my curiosity. I looked at one of the videos – I think it was Relaxation – and was hooked! I spent that entire afternoon going through all the tracks, over and over. It is such an elegant sound and beautifully played. I loved it and wanted more people to hear it, so featuring it on the show was the next logical step.”
To add to the synchronicity, Tsvetelina had been something of a regular at No Breaks shows in and around Sofia in the mid-1990s and also worked for the weekly Trud newspaper, to which Mechkov also regularly contributed.
Having worked as a journalist and broadcaster for some years, she eventually headed out to the States.
“The official version was that I came to work on yet another of a long list of very impractical academic degrees, although to be frank that was more of a pretext for me to travel.”
An energetic and (uncompromisingly) hard-working person, Tsvetelina really comes into her own when you ask her what music she likes. The list sent through to was exhaustive to say the least.
“My list can go on for pages. I don’t pay much attention to labels, really; good music is good music, no matter the genre.”
That said, her favourite all time act is Queen (and Freddie Mercury in particular) and in Bulgaria Baby Face Clan.
The extensive Mechkov interview will now be re-edited and broadcast in the near future on other university stations where Tsvetelina works.
“It’s a humble beginning,” said Mechkov of the radio show, “but I’m just so pleased and so grateful to Tsvetelina for getting my music played in the US. It’s a cliché, I know, but if just one person is turned on by what they hear, then I am the happiest man in the world.”

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