Mechkov’s Meditation now on sale


Soundscape and atmospherics album three years in the making

Mechkov’s latest album, Meditation, is now on sale at the Mechkov website and is already causing ripples on both sides of the Atlantic.


This is Mechkov’s latest collection of ‘auraloramas’, as he calls them – although others might be more inclined to refer to them as ‘soundscapes’, ‘atmospheres’ or ambient music.

“I prefer to use ‘auralorama’ as this implies, to me at least, an active perception as opposed to the other common terms, which say that the music is there whether there is a listener or not,” explained Mechkov. “A panorama is a sweeping view from a certain point. An auralorama is the same, only using the ears and not the eyes.”

In the latter stages of the album's production, a university radio station go twind fo the recordings and is now planning a three-hour special in October on Mechkov's career in both Bulgaria and the UK. From here, other university stations have taken on the music.

Meditation was three years in the making, inspired by a performance at the Norden Farm Centre for the Arts alongside Yoga for Harmony’s Julie Potter in September 2010. The time it has taken was not, it is explained, down to any sort of production difficulties.

“Since the album was started, I have formed two bands, established a new song-writing partnership, started two open mic nights and… well, to be honest, I’ve been a bit flakey as well,” Mechkov admitted. “But now that the album is ready and up on the website, I have to say, I am really very pleased with it. It is probably the closest I have ever come to producing an album that sounds something like the music I had originally conceived.

“Other than that, I have nothing to say except: ‘Go and buy it – and tell your friends and family to do the same!’”

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