New auralorama album imminent


Meditation now complete, mastered and ready to go…

Mechkov’s latest (and somewhat late) album of auraloramas, Meditation, has now been mastered and is ready for release. The collection of ambient/soundscape/harmonic improvisations was begun as long ago as 2010, when the music Mechkov played for the Norden Farm Centre for the Arts tenth anniversary inspired the idea.


At that event, he played in a room while Yoga for Harmony’s Julie Potter went through several series of yoga movements.

“Initially, I thought that I could make an album – or even a few albums – that would appeal to the yoga or meditation communities,” said Mechkov. “Unfortunately, my predilection for dissonance will probably always prevent me from doing this.

“As it is, I have turned the collection into a sort of harmonic ‘story’ that takes a practitioner from a moment when he feels the need to meditate, through the journey into the meditational state, out again and the general feeling of well being and goodness that pervades after a successful session.

“I’m really very pleased with the results… In fact, this is possibly the first album I have made that has resulted in something very similar to what I originally wanted. I’m biased, but I think it’s great.”

The music will have a familiar ring to those who have kept an eye on Mechkov’s Youtube channel, where a number of the songs have been previewed, as well as a few of the pieces being made in the same style as the A Day in the Country album. Beyond those, however, the album stretches into richer textural environments, creating some quite expansive soundscapes.

The one-hour-six-minute album contains 12 pieces, varying in length from less than a minute and a half to over ten minutes and will be up on the Mechkov website next Tuesday (August 27th).

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