New drummer for Custard Cream


Hard hitting rock band now has very hard hitting stick man

July 31st saw Nigel Owst (guitar) and Mechkov (bass and vocals) (pictured right & left) auditioning a handful of hopefuls for the newly vacant position on the Custard Cream drum kit.


They were hoping somewhat beyond hope that they could find someone even better than the departing Angus Lyon, although they weren’t putting any money on that.

As it turns out, they could have and would have made few bob as the last drummer in through the door that day turned out to be a solid gold skin beater.

Known (rather enigmatically, it has to be said) as ‘Ant’, the new fella has exactly the sort of prowess with sticks that the band was looking for.

“It was just one of those moments,” recalled Mechkov. “We are always telling Nige to turn his guitar down for fear of, at best deafening us, at worst causing some serious structural damage to the buildings and innocent bystanders.

“Once Ant had set the kit as he wanted it, he played a quick flurry on the snare and a tom... I leant over to Nige and said” ‘I think you’re going to have to turn up!’

“The guy has colossal strength, but perfectly balanced with a subtle touch and metronomic timing. He is exactly what we are looking for.”

Better still, like Mechkov and Owst, Ant is a pro musician and so has his days free to rehearse and get things spot on.

“We won’t need much rehearsing with the established set. Ant’s pretty much got that under his belt already. We will be able to work really hard on adding to the repertoire now, however, and that’s a place we all want to be.”

Ant’s first gig with the band will be at the Cannie Man in Bracknell on August 10th and then at The Pub with No Name in Maidenhead on August 16th.

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