Custard Cream seeks new drummer


End of the road for Angus Lyon as band ‘gets serious’

Custard Cream will be holding auditions for a new drummer on Wednesday August 31st following the decision to part company with Angus Lyon (pictured) from the position.

The band cited various reasons, but all of them essentially fit into the category of ‘availability’. The parting of ways is completely amicable.


“We are just now starting, as a band, to progress and our diary is filling up nicely,” said Mechkov. “Unfortunately, Angus is unable to commit to the band in the same way the rest of us are.

“He has taken on a new job recently and that is putting pressure on him to be available in the office and not on stage – this is diametrically opposed to mine and Nigel (Owst)’s thinking.

“Angus is fabulous guy and a really good drummer, but we can’t be dictated to when we can and can’t play by an agency that has nothing to do with the band. It’s really sad, but there it is.”

Lyon was the second drummer for Custard Cream after the first was ousted before even a gig had been played. Lyon was also responsible for the Custard Cream artwork that can be seen at gigs, on posters and on the band’s website.

If you are interested in coming along to the auditions on 31st, then contact the band through its website.

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