3-fold Arts’ last gig?


Mercurial covers band gazumped by Marlow venue

Mechkov’s older – and altogether gentler covers band, 3-fold Arts, might well have played its last gig, following quite shocking behaviour from The Chequers in Marlow.


The band, whose last outing on Saturday July 20th at a private party at the Flackwell Heath Golf Club might well prove to be its last, was formed out of the three main characters at the O’Donoghues open mic night, Gez Kahan, Adam Budd and Mechkov.

All manner of raison d’etre were put forward for the trio, but the band largely stood on its own two feet due to the superior piano skills of Kahan and the popular crooning style of Budd’s vocals.

When Budd left the trio last year due to work commitments, Kahan’s other band, a Santana tribute act, put forward Anglo-Spanish vocalist Hector Gomez. The three were then joined by Auriol Kobani to add some female colour and variety to the band’s appearance and repertoire.

While specialising in functions work, the band also had a regular slot at The Chequers on Marlow High Street, which was then shared with Oye Santana at the end of last year and with Custard Cream this year.

Then, out of the blue, The Chequers management said that they would be using the Henley musicians agency, Eight Ray and would drop the other three bands.

“Business is business,” said Mechkov, “but there are ways of doing business that are above board and that don’t come across as loutish and arrogant. Unfortunately, the general manager of The Chequers is unaware of these methods.”

Custard Cream was due to play at The Chequers just three days after the news was delivered, leaving Mechkov no choice but to insist the pub pay a cancellation fee.

“They tried to argue that there was no contract, but I think their behaviour was obvious even to them and they paid up straight away,” Mechkov added.

“It was a shame to lose the Custard Cream gig, but I’m most sorry for 3-fold Arts. That was pretty much the only reason left for the band to stick together. Gez and Hector are doing the Santana thing, I’ve got Custard Cream, Auriol is busy with her own work and solo performances. I don’t think there is enough glue left to hold it together. Still, never say never, eh? I really hope we can get together again. It’s a good band and we have a lot of fun.”

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