Chopper Club thumbs up for Custard Cream


Berkshire chapter’s summer rally needs nothing more than Mechkov’s covers band

Sunday 14th July saw Custard Cream enjoying its first ever outdoors gig – and the weather and the setting could not have been better.


The sun blazed down, heating the Braywick Sports Club fields to temperatures in excess of 30 degrees Celsius as the bike enthusiasts lined up their impressively customised machines and the band struck up its now traditional openers, Badge followed by White Room.

“It was a real pleasure to be there,” said Mechkov. “There’s something about the music we play and the way we play it that fits right in with the whole motorbike club ethos – and while a lot of the ‘dudes’ there were a bit too cool to clap, it was clear we were hitting the right buttons for them

“As for us, we really got into the summertime vibe and played out hearts out, extending some of the numbers by quite a number of minutes – it was sublime.”

The National Chopper Club gets together together regularly via its various regional chapters and Custard Cream is hoping to get in on quite a few of these.

“After all, we even have the same initials!”

Don’t forget to keep up with all things Custard Cream by logging on to the band’s website here – or check out when you want to see the guys by tuning into the gig guide here.

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