A new corporate service?


Mechkov offers events organisers the chance to let participants shine

Sunday 7th July saw Mechkov and a number of his open mic night regulars take the popuylar O’Donighue’s of Marlow open mic night format into the sphere of corporate commercialism.


One of the OD’s regular Thursday night participants is saxophonist Andy Brennan – who by day is an account manager for the Henley-based ad agency FST.

Brennan recognised that there were a significant number of staff at the company who played and/or sang and thought it might be a good idea to put some of that talent to the test.

Mechkov was approached and – being a man who relishes a challenge – the plans were formulated.

“It was a great evening,” he said. “The ladies and gents at FST were celebrating the company’s 21st birthday, so they were well up for having a good time. Combine that with the array of talent there and it was always bound to be a winner.”

“I thought it went better than even I expected,” added Brennan. “We even had clients getting up and singing and if ever there was a lull in the proceedings, the ‘band’ that Mechkov brought along filled in perfectly. There wasn’t a dull moment. We all had a real gas.”

So successful was the evening that Mechkov is now approaching various corporate events organisers, offering his services. “If these corporate gatherings are about team building, there is nothing better than jamming with a group of musicians. And for those that can’t play, the opportunity to see colleagues strutting their stuff is equally inspiring. I think it’s a real winner.”

If you are interested in bringing the Mechkov open mic experience to your company event, please go to the contact page on this website.

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