Mechkov ruins his own holiday


Wife sanguine, but philosophical regarding unpredictable husband

Yes, it has come to this: the silly season has finally got around to the mechkov .co .uk website.

The end of June and the beginning of July has become a traditional time for Mechkov and family to take their annual holiday as it is a time that ticks a lot of boxes. Mr and Mrs Mechkov’s wedding anniversary falls within this time, the weather tends to be acceptable in the UK and not too overpowering abroad, and (very importantly) none of the schoolkids are yet on holiday.


This year, however, what with the growing activity of Custard Cream, the writing commissions and the search for a new open mic night, Mechkov slowly whittled a two-week break down to six days.

“Custard Cream got a gig as a trio at The Golden Retriever in Bracknell on Friday 28th June,” he explained – apparently from a camp site in Edinburgh! “Then the band also got booked for a private party on Saturday 6th July. I got hired to do an ‘open mic’ session for a corporate party at the Henley Regatta on July 7th and that pretty much pinched the whole break down to less than a week.”

“Well, at least he’s earning,” joked Lorraine, his wife. “If he was just doing this for the hell of it, I’d have something to say, but he’s been very apologetic and has promised to keep a few days clear for me – I can’t really complain.”

And the open mic night?

“Yes, there have been a couple of calls, so I’m hoping to be able to drop straight into that when I get back to work on Monday 8th.

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