Mechkov commissioned to write for theatre


Latest Wokingham Theatre production will hear new Mechkov songs

Wokingham Theatre’s forthcoming production of Nikolai Erdman's The Suicide will feature original music written by Mechkov, the musician has announced.

The production will be directed by Lloyd White, will star James Gwynne (pictured in rehearsals) as Simeon Simeonovitch and features a mixed cast of stage veterans and newcomers.


“Lloyd asked me whether I would appear in the show, performing my music written to the lyrics that appear in the play as a ‘gypsy troubador’,” Mechkov explained. “Unfortunately, my commitments for the foreseeable future simply don’t allow me to take many single evenings off, let alone the two weeks plus this production would require. I had to turn the offer down.”

Undeterred, White suggested that the music be written and recorded at Mechkov’s home studio and could then be treated to sound as though it were an old, scratched shellac disc playing on an old, crank-handled gramaphone.

Mechkov found the offer very tempting and set to. The music will be set around two songs: the lively Drink Up and the sad ballad Oi Mama.

In the near future, Mechkov hopes to put the songs up on the website as free downloads.

The play will run at Wokingham Theatre from July 17th to 27th. Tickets can be bought and further information garnered here at the WT website.

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