Mechkov seeks new Open Mic Night


Gap in schedule enables performer to add new weekly date to schedule

Mechkov is looking for a new Open Mic Night to replace the evening that was cancelled in Stoke Poges early in April. [The picture shows Mechkov (right) with Mark Leppard at the Christmas Open Mic Night at The Plough in Stoke Poges.]

Although the performer has been touting himself in what he describes as ‘something of a flaky manner’, he also admits that his efforts have been more concentrated on his new covers band, Custard Cream, since the New Year and thus he hasn’t been pushing or following up in a way that would ensure engagement.

“It’s so true that, while a musician’s main focus is music, a professional musician’s focus is business,” said Mechkov. “This means that Custard cream has come together very well and has already found a string of gigs to get itself underway as an entity. Now it’s time to start looking at some Mechkov oriented activity with an eye on finding some solo gigs, too.”

Mechkov has become something of a specialist at Open Mic Nights over the past few years, having run the Open Mic Night at O’Donoghue’s for nearly three years now, spent nearly a year running the Stoke Poges event and has been a regular participant for some six years now and many and varied occasions in the Three Counties area.

“What pubs and / or clubs will get with me is a good contact book full of quality, performing musicians, the ability to be sensitive to the needs of both performers and the audience, and a good, varied, well ordered evening’s entertainment.”

He is available to put on such a weekly event on Sundays, Mondays or Tuesdays and prices are subject to (a reasonable degree of) negotiation.

Contact Mechkov through this website or via Twitter (@Mechkov) or Facebook (Mechkov Muses).

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