Mechkov working on final mix for protest song


Former local watering hole in danger of being destroyed by Tesco

Erstwhile snug and comfy of Mechkov, the Golden Harp (pictured) in Maidenhead, has been sold off by its former owner, Enterprise Inns and the new owner has leased the site to Tesco for the creation of an ‘Express’ store.

Problem is, no-one wants it and everybody wants the pub to remain.


Regardless of public opinion (the locals have gathered 4,000 signatures on a petition to save the pub) Tesco is pressing ahead in order to place its priority (profit) over the wants and needs of an entire community. (The pub is located at the heart of the Furze Platt region of Maidenhead.)

To counter the retail giant at every step, locals have formed the Furze Platt Action Group (FPAG) in order to lobby the council and create awareness of the pub’s (and others around the country) plight.

Part of this campaign led to Mechkov’s old friend – and now the chairman of the FPAG – Mark Newcombe to ask the singer and songwriter to come up with a number to further the campaign.

“At first we were thinking of cannibalising a popular song, such as We Don’t Need Another Hero, or Another Brick in the Wall, but the copyright issues were too demanding,” explained Mechkov. “So in the end it was decided that I should write something new… I was really pleased when the various ideas I had all seemed to come together to create a really catchy number that – I sincerely hope – can go a long way to highlighting the shockingly despicable actions and attitudes of Enterprise Inns and Tesco. Both of them are ripping the heart out of our local communities and they need to be stopped.”

To Mechkov’s delight, veteran sax player, Peter Ripper, a former BBC Radio Orchestra member, bass sax player on the Harry Potter movie soundtracks – and many, many more credits – lives in the Furze Platt area and put himself forward to play on the track.

Mechkov spent a few hours discussing the number with Peter before recording the basic track and vocals and has since had the sax virtuoso in twice to record alto and baritone parts.

After re-writing the lyrics (for the third time) and re-recording them and the bass guitar parts (also for the third time) Mechkov is now preparing a final, definitive mix to go forward on to the campaign’s website, as well as to become the soundtrack for a protest video.

“It’s all very exciting,” said Mechkov. “So please keep your eyes open for news, do everything you can to help the campaign, and visit the campaign’s website.”

You can do that here… Please do – and get involved. It could be your pub next!

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