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Custard Cream’s emergency gig is a blast for meet-up group

The emergency gig organised at the last moment at the Duke’s Head in Wokingham proved to be a massive success, with a host of unsuspecting ‘new regulars’ choosing the pub for its latest gathering.


Meetup.com is a website designed to bring people new to an area together and the management at the pub often put themselves forward as the best place for those new to Wokingham to meet up.

And so it turned out.

Custard Cream played through its regular set – a little concerned that it might be a bit too hard and heavy for the (largely female) gathering. In the end, however, it was the women who were getting on to the dance floor, encouraging their partners to do the same.

The CC’s were on top form and really blew the whole place away.

“It was a great gig,” commented Mechkov. “I think we were a little over-cautious to begin with, because it very quickly became obvious that what we play was exactly what this audience wanted. Hard, heavy hitting blues rock of the highest calibre. It was a blindingly enjoyable evening for us – and I think for a lot of those gathered as well.

“It’s always good to have people shouting for more at the end of a gig – and when that is led by the landlord, you know you are doing things right.”

The band is now getting ready for a repeat performance at the same pub in just five days time, when the original booking for Custard cream @ the Duke’s Head will take place.

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