Custard Cream wows Wokingham


Debut gig for new band goes down a treat

Custard Cream manoeuvred itself into gigging mode last weekend (Saturday 11th), successfully performing its debut gig at the Hope & Anchor in Wokingham.


The pub has long been a venue for rock bands and is a favourite among the town’s many rock fans – and despite Custard Cream’s tendency to fly into quite heavy improvised sections (at considerable volume) the locals were not perturbed. Recent bands have included both Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin tribute acts, both of which are said to have hit volumes comparable to that of Custard cream.

“It was an excellent evening for us,” said Mechkov. “It wasn’t a big audience, but those that were there loved what we did and they all stuck around until the end and many compliments were forthcoming. It was a real treat for us.

“In terms of playing, there were quite a lot of mistakes from all of us – and a moment of horror when I realised as we were setting up that I had left all of the PA cables at my studio, but a high-speed thrash back down the M4 and back meant that everything was ready to go right on time.

“As for the playing mistakes, well, we’ll put that down to first night nerves and the need to both rehearse and gig more… And more.”

Custard Cream’s next gig will be at the Duke’s Head – again in Wokingham – on Saturday, June 8th. You can keep up to date with all things Custard Cream at the website here – and more specifically with all forthcoming gigs on the gig page here.

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