Auraloramas move Norden Farm

Norden_farmThe first auralorama gig took place at Norden Farm last night (Sunday, September 26th) and received a pretty resounding thumbs up in terms of comments, compliments and a few albums sold.

The performance was part of the Norden Farm Centre for the Arts’ tenth anniversary celebrations and saw groups and troupes from all around the Maidenhead and Windsor area presenting micro-performances, which an audience of some 150, split into groups of 25, witnessed in various (sometimes unexpected) corners of the centre.

Mechkov’s auraloramas were performed alongside a continuous yoga routine, performed by Julie Potter, a tutor with Yoga for Harmony and were to be found, very moodily lit in the scene dock of the main Courtyard Theatre stage. Combined with Potter’s area, with leaflets and pot plants, it made for an extremely relaxing little corner for the wandering audience.

“Before the first group arrived, I set a simple loop in progress, while Julie got herself ready with some stretches and we awaited the audience,” Mechkov explained fo the evening. “Before too long, the first group arrived, although, to be honest, they seemed a little unsure of what to do or where to go or even how to take in what they saw before them.

“I resolved to help the next group along a bit, hopefully giving them the chance to feel a bit more relaxed and spend a few minutes at least with us in order to take advantage of the atmosphere.

“Julie and I caught a few moments to discuss our feelings with each other and we discovered that being together like this was influencing our own performances – very much in a good way. She is unused to going through her exercises without explanations – or even anyone else making the moves along with her. The auraloramas were keeping that feeling of ‘oddness’ at bay, as the flowing sounds helped her to follow her ‘performance’ through more intently. They gave her a focus and a channel simultaneously.”

“It’s like water,” said Potter of the auraloramas. “It flows and maintains a level, which makes my exercises flow, too. It’s really very lovely.”

“Having Julie there made me aware of what I was playing,” added Mechkov. “When playing alone, I am often tempted to let rip, let things get a bit out of hand and really make some noise before bringing things back down again to create some contrast. I was very aware, however, that Julie needed something continuous, relaxing and without surprises. I kept the soloing ‘within’ the sounds, rather than cutting through them. I really got into it. It was a really uplifting little session.”

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