Norden Farm today

Norden_farmSo, the first official Auralorama gig is today at Maidenhead's Norden Farm Centre for the Arts. Rehearsals and sound checks went well yesterday (with one minor slip up in set up – one of the effects units output level got knocked to zero and Mechkov and a couple of the theatre's techies spent half an hour going through everything else before the problem was located) and good words were uttered by all who heard the practice runs.

The gig proper is on today, so get on down. Tickets are a mere £8 and you will also get some top class performances form various Maidenehead troupes and groups – including the Maidenhead Players, for whom Mechkov has written one of the 'Angina Monologues' (to be performed by John Tompkins).

Still no sign of the yoga expert who is meant to be sharing the performance space with Mechkov, but he has been assured that she (Julie Potter) will be there and bending and stretching her stuff in semi-meditational mode.

"It's really exciting," said Mechkov after rehearsals were over. "I have been given the scene dock to perform in, which has lots of metal and concrete and a really high roof, but also a lot of felt or baize screens (known as blacks) so there is tremendous reverberation, but it is always kept under control. A great sound and a lot of fun.

"We were told we could pack up for the day at about 5 o'clock, but the waves of sound swooshing around the theatre just wouldn't let me go.

"If I get anything near the same respose form the paying public today, I will consider this to be a great success. It's been a good week. The No Breaks album back in my hands, the website going live and now auraloramas for the people... I almost feel like a musician."

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