Mechkov auraloramas at Norden Farm

Norden_farm   The Norden Farm Centre for the Arts 10th anniversary Promenade Performances (phew!) will take place on September 26th, featuring a whole host of dramatic and musical 'micro' performances, including auraloramas from Mechkov.

The arts centre in Maidenhead was completed a whole ten years ago now, after years of planning from several local groups (particularly The Maidenhead Players), who managed to raise enough money to spark investment from Lottery funds.

The venue is certainly the envy of the region in terms of community arts and to celebrate the opening of the centre in September 2000 (with a performance by the Maidenhead Players) all of the local groups and several local performers and arts groups (including Mechkov) are getting together to create an exciting overview of the regions art, dance, music and drama.

The Maidenehad Players will be presenting a series of small pieces dealing with issues of old age under the umbrella title 'The Angina Monologues'. Mechkov has, in fact, written one of these monologues, as has his partner and collaborator, Lorraine Forrest-Turner.

The Angina Monologues will take place in the Gallery of the centre, while Mechkov's auraloramas will be performed in the scene dock of the main Courtyard Theatre stage, alongside a presentation of yoga movement by local yoga teacher, Julie Potter.

You can read more about the event on Mechkov's music blog here.

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