First auralorama album now available

day-in-country-120px   Mechkov's first complete album of auraloramas (aural panoramas) is now available for download from the Mechkov website here.

The album, A Day in the Country, is, in fact, his second, themed collection of auraloramas, but the first, Trophonius, was recorded predominantly in mono and is pending a much awaited re-recording of the bulk of the material.

A Day in the Country contains 11 pieces, mostly of pure, single-take recordings using a guitar and extended digital delay to create looped and layered textures. A couple of the pieces, Night into Dawn and Hillside Wind, also have a solo guitar improvised over the playback.

Auraloramas are pieces of harmony and/or dissonance that are largely improvised and even when there is a 'plan' to the piece, no two takes will ever turn out the same.

"The idea for A Day in the Country stemmed from a couple of projects to create atmospheric sounds, but when put together, I felt they had a sort of 'theme' in their textures, so I have arranged them to represent the sights and feelings of a person spending a day out in the most isolated, yet beautiful of countryside," explained Mechkov.

"I have to say, I am extremely pleased – dare I say proud of this collection."

A Day in the Country can be previewed, track by track, here, as well as individual songs and the whole album available for download – not to mention the opportunity to buy the CD directly from thr Mechkov studio. Happy listening.

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