Mechkov's first solo album now available

right-to-remain-120px  Mechkov's first solo album, Right to Remain Silent, is now available for download, here on the Mechkov website.

The album has been three years in the making, starting out life as an experiment in recording using just eight tracks, but slowly grew over the past two and a half years to become his first completely solo production.

Mechkov has been involved in three album recordings in the past – all in Bulgaria – but these all involved collaborations with other musicians, recorded with third party engineers and producers. This time, it really is a solo effort.

"The previous albums will be available on the website, too," said Mechkov, "but that does depend on problems of accessibility. Having the chance to get a collection of my own songs – and with no-one else to blame for the result – has been extremely satisfying, albeit rather stressful. I had no previous experience of producing or engineering recordings before. For that reason, this is, by and large, a 'demo' album, but I am still extremely pleased with it."

Mechkov went on to say that his first album, the first eponymous record from the band No Breaks, recorded in 1993/94, and containing the band's number one hit, The Dance, is now in his hands and awaiting upload to the new website.

The songs, he says, are mostly new (and by that he means dating from 2007 when the project first got underway) although one No Breaks number, The Dance, has sneaked in, dating from 1993, along with another from Mechkov's early days, Working Backwards, which dates back to 1984. In between the two is a 1988/89 composition that has never been recorded before, Tide Turning.

"2010 is going to be an exciting year for all things Mechkov," he concluded. "I'm really excited."

Once again, you can preview individual songs from Right to Remain Silent here, as well as download individual tracks, the whole album, or order the CD directly from the Mechkov studio.

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